Friday, April 25, 2008

What Do You Do When You Need Eggs?

My wife decided that she didn't have enough eggs for the last day of Pesach but that was after I had already copme up the hill from my shopping chore.

So, a bit later, I mosied on over to Yonah Tzoref and we went down to his free range chicken run, 1000 square meters ( = 1 dunam).

Here's the proud chicken famer:-

And we began to gather eggs off the floor and the runs:-

Fresh, a bit on the small side:-

How's that for local industry?

On the way on done the hill, we spotted another brush fire (another? yes, here):-

The above is taken from my neighborhood, Ramat Shmuel, at the top of Shiloh, looking out west.

In this one, below, you can spot Maaleh Levona in the background, on the left and below, the #60 Highway:

The smoke is seemingly from Wadi Mussa which leads from our valley towards Nahal Shiloh between Maaleh Levona and Eli. Hope it is brought under control.

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therapydoc said...

So cool. You don't see this in Chicago.