Monday, April 21, 2008

Dirty Money

A new book on Jerusalem has just been published, well, actually an old book republished.

Entitled "Sha'arei Yerushalayim",

it is authored by Moshe ben Menachem-Mendel Reischer. This Moshe Reischer issued "Mishlei Yaakov", the book of the Dubnov Maggid's meshalim.

The book "Shaarei Yerushalyim" was published in the 1860s and is compared to the Tzuf Dvash's "Sha'ar Hechatzer".

But what really caught my eye was the inside of the title page:

And my translation:

"Printed on paper without any Shabbat violation [being involved] and from money without any Shabbat violation G-d forbid including monies from ministries calling themselves with the name of Israel but do not follow the customs of Israel and with the help of G-d [as it is written:] 'When the boughs thereof are withered, they shall be broken off' (Isaiah 27[:11] which is interpreted that when the slight merit that they possess shall be finished they will then break of themselves speedily in our days Amen"

The publishing house is called Migdalei Arnan.

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