Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miscellaneous Shiloh Sightings

From the occasional series of news from various Shilohs:-

1. Florida
Zetrouer Farm recognized as Century Pioneer Farm

The Zetrouer Farm in the northwest Marion County community of Shiloh, in the county's farm preservation area, has received the state's Century Pioneer Farm designation.

It is one of five Florida farms receiving the designation recently.

2. South Carolina
Customers of the South Camden Water District are being asked to limit their water usage to just essential needs. This after a power fluctuation caused damage and forced a water treatment plant to be shut down.

Specifically, those people living in the Courthouse Township and the Shiloh Township should refrain from washing cars and lawns until further notice.

3. New Jersey
Two vie for one seat in Shiloh, Stow Creek

Both Shiloh and Stow Creek school boards have one seat open and up for grabs this year.

In Shiloh, incumbents Anita DeLuke and Mary Ann Haaf are running for two of three open seats.

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