Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's Give Them A Chance

Until Israel calls their bluff, we'll never know, right?

So, let's give Hamas, Gaza and UNRWA a chance to really prove that people will starve and suffer deprivation, etc., etc.

The United Nations has said it will have to suspend its humanitarian work in the Gaza Strip within hours unless it receives fresh fuel supplies. Assistant Secretary General Angela Kane said the distribution of food aid to 650,000 refugees and the collection of sewage from 500,000 would cease.

...In a briefing to the Security Council, Ms Kane said Gaza had suffered "heightened humanitarian distress" caused by closed border crossings with Israel and Egypt, the shortage of basic food and commodities, poor water supplies and sanitation.

..."Unless petrol is allowed in, Unrwa will discontinue its food assistance to 650,000 refugees, as well as its garbage collection services, which benefit half a million Gazans," she added.

"Another 500,000 Gazans are already living in 12 municipalities without any solid waste management capacity - largely due to the lack of fuel."

Hospitals and clinics will also run out of fuel within a week, she warned.

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