Thursday, April 24, 2008

Truth in Advertising?

Rabbi Shalom Rosner, as previously noted here, picked himself and his family up and made Aliyah to Israel. That is, indeed, remarkable and praiseworthy. He intends to lead a significant portion of his community and, hopefully, his many talmidim, to follow in his footsteps.

To accomplish his grand vision, akin to what Rabbi Shlomo Riskin planned three decades or so ago, he needs, among other things, someone to sell the apartments and houses in the neighborhood of Bet Shemesh he wishes to fashion. Knowing the person who is the exclusive real astate agent, I know that success is assured to a great extent.

Here is the advert that appeared in last Tuesday's English-edition Haaretz:-

For future reference, and following in my dedication to the principle of truth in advertising, please note the names on the ad and the assertion of "many of us look[ing] forward to joining him" and that his community "will, please G-d, serve as a model for other Israeli communities".

To help you, one is a long-time yored who denigrated many of us who live in Israel as Modern Orthodox Jews and another, deprecated those of us who made Aliyah many years ago, intimating that we were 'losers' who couldn't make it in America.

I am so very glad they have come around to a more positive approach.

Another actually owns a home here in Shiloh and others are among the foremost supporters of Jewish residency in Judea and Samaria. It is a formidable list of names and I doff my kippah for their support of Rabbi Rosner's move and will be awaiting them all.


Batya said...

And which of them is brave and idealistic enough to bring his congregation to the ancient and holy city of Shiloh?

YMedad said...

Rabbi Heshey Reichman, of course.