Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wonkette Wanks Out Again

Wonkette, with whom I had a not-so-nice run-in when they displayed a slide into antisemitism and then, visciously, attempted to quash me with threats to initiate legal action against me, thinks that the digging of tunnels into Gaza to allow terrorists to gain weaponery is ridiculously funny.

Here's the post with slight censorship (not that I am upset at the language, but some of my readers perhaps are):-

Great news, everybody: The long-lost Giant Earth Anus has been rediscovered! The Knights Templar had carefully guarded the butthole’s location in the Holy Land, but it was later located by either Indiana Jones or William S. Burroughs. And now the Israeli Army Men have found it again! Mystics and Nostradamus and Bob Novak have long predicted that the rediscovery of the Giant Anus would lead to a new era of rampant, constant ass-f**king from the House to the Senate to airport and train station men’s rooms all around the world.

Gazans dig for profit [IDF/Reuters]

And it seems goold ol' Ken Layne who lashed out at me is behind this post, too:

1:49 PM ON MON OCT 8 2007

Besides joking about death, terror and criminal activity of immoral intentions, this is plain childish.

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