Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best of Intentions and Faith - Misplaced?

Natalie Portman displays, well, not-quite-the-wisdom I thought she would.

The anguish of a friend grieving over a terror victim in Israel led actress Natalie Portman to become an activist.

"When I was at Harvard, a very close friend lost someone to the violence in Israel," the Israeli-born movie star says in a first-person essay that appeared this weekend in Parade magazine. "I felt so helpless watching her pain. I really wanted to do something, but I didn’t know where to begin. Coming from Israel, I know how polarized that part of the world scene can be."

Okay, polarized or not, what did her activism consist of?

Portman called Jordanian Queen Rania, a Palestinian, who told Portman about the Foundation for International Community Assistance. The group, Portman says, "grants loans, mostly to women, to start small businesses..."It’s impossible to know the outcome of anything," she writes. "You have no idea whether the life you impact will go on to bring peace to the Middle East or will go blow up a building. All you can do is act with the best intention and have faith."


No, she hasn't appeared at any benefits for the IDF. She hasn't made statements protesting Islamic terror. She hasn't even said who is right and who is wrong.

But, funnily enough, something she said the JTA report left out, probably because its web site editor is a raving left-wing, progressive radical, I found encouraging. In Parade she wrote:

I had always really admired Queen Rania of Jordan. She’s the most high-profile Palestinian woman in the Middle East, and she’s so compassionate and smart.

"Palestinian". Got that?

Not Jordanian.

So, Portman knows that Jordan is a fake country, that it has 70% so called Pals. as a demographic element and that probably the problems of Arabs in Judea and Samaria would and should and could be found within a political framework involving that country. Unless the King does something stupid.

So, maybe her intentions were honorable?

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