Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let's Break The Deal!

This is being reported:-

Despite attempts by Israel to avoid discussing final-status issues in the media, senior PA officials also told Haaretz that the idea the Temple Mount would not be in Palestinian hands was "inconceivable."

"No Palestinian leader would agree to this, certainly not Abu Mazen [PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas]," a PA official said. "No Arab country would agree for a final-status arrangement in which the Temple Mount was not in Muslim hands, particularly not Saudi Arabia."

Another Palestinian official told Haaretz that "the Israeli public still doesn't understand how important the issue of Al-Aqsa is," referring to the mosque on the Temple Mount. He added that the issue was a deal-breaker for the Palestinian public.

Would any Israeli leader conceivably agree to handing over the Temple Mount to the PA? (okay, that is a hard question to answer)

Well, can we, the Jewish people, stop this madness?

Can we break the deal?

Well, we better be able to break this deal.
Do Pals. have any idea how important the Temple Mount is to Jews and Judaism? (of course they do. That's why they demand it)

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Suzanne Pomeranz said...

For more on Islam's claim to Jerusalem, see Daniel Pipes' article of September 2001, which can be found at: