Thursday, October 18, 2007

That Ma'aleh Adumim E1 Road?


Condi says Israel's not committing.

QUESTION: Speaking about confidence measures, did the Israeli commit to stop (inaudible) you know, the Palestinian land between the Ma'aleh Adumim and

SECRETARY RICE: You mean concerning this road that was --


SECRETARY RICE: They say that there's no action that's imminent in any case. And I simply emphasized that one wants to be very careful about anything, even if the intentions are to increase mobility for Palestinians, which was the explanation given for why this road was necessary. This is just a time to avoid anything that might look like you're trying to unilaterally determine the -- or prejudge final status outcomes.

QUESTION: They didn't commit? They didn't commit?

SECRETARY RICE: They have made clear that nothing is imminent.

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