Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sweet Revenge for Provincialism

One of the aspects of provincialism is the need to appear as if you are just like the 'big boys'. And the joke here in Israel is that whatever is fashionable, chique and trendy in the US of A, will be so in Israel - five years later.

And so, I was laughing at this item:-

The Band's Visit, the Ophir Award-winning film that seemed to many cognoscenti a shoo-in for a place in the final five candidates for a Best Foreign Film Oscar, has been disqualified for containing too much English-language dialogue, Channel 2 reported Thursday.

The film, which tells the story of an Egyptian band that arrives by mistake in a town in southern Israel, apparently failed to meet the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences's criterion that at least 50 percent of the dialogue in a "foreign film" be in a language other than English.

They over did it, their love of English and all things foreign.

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