Monday, October 15, 2007

Two, No, Three. No, Two

I had previously blogged that with the Hamas takeover of Gaza, Israel is now faced not with a two-state solution but a three-state solution.

So I was not surprised to read the transcript of Ayala Hason's interview with Condi Rice this excerpt:-

Interview With Ayala Hasson, Channel 1
Secretary Condoleezza Rice
Jerusalem, October 15, 2007

QUESTION: Talking about two-state solution, does the fact that Hamas controls Gaza, are we still talking about two-state solution or maybe we are talking
about a three-state solution?

SECRETARY RICE: Oh, it will have to be a two-state solution. And eventually, there will be a circumstance in which Hamas and others who don't want a two-state solution will be outside of the consensus of the international community, of the parties themselves, of the regional states...

QUESTION: And if not? There is the West Bank, there is Gaza.

SECRETARY RICE: No, no, no. Because when there -- there has to ultimately be unity for the Palestinians. And I believe that the concrete manifestation of their state will encourage that unity.

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