Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Olmert in a Downward Spiral

But most of all, it appears that the Jewish public does not trust its government. Throughout the political spectrum, an overwhelming majority thinks Ehud Olmert and his government are not strong enough to sign a peace agreement with the Palestinians in Israel's name, assuming such an agreement would entail substantial concessions by Israel. Those are the main findings of the Peace Index that was carried out from
Monday to Wednesday, 8- 10 October.

But are Israelis politically well-informed?

only 20% reported regularly following the preparations for the event, while about half said they follow the news sometimes and 29% reported not following the news at all.


that the public's readiness for concessions in the framework of such a conference is not high. Some 59% oppose, in exchange for a peace agreement, transferring the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem to Palestinian sovereignty so that they can serve as the capital of Palestine (33% support it). Even firmer is the Jewish public's position on Palestinian refugees return to Israel in the context of a
permanent peace settlement: 87% are not prepared for the return of even a single refugee, 6% are prepared for the return of up to 100, 000, and 3% are prepared for whatever number is decided.

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