Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Panel on the Temple Mount

Ir Amim convened a panel this evening, in cooperation with Keshev, on the issue of the Temple Mount: 

"The Law and the Mount: A Dangerous Nexus - 
the Empowerment Dynamic of the Temple Groups and their Implications"

A special 55-page report was published (in Hebrew) and the panelists included Tomer Persico, Yehuda Glick, Chana Kehat, Dani Rubinstein and Elchanan Reiner with Menachem Klein in the chair.

Rubinstein warned us of unintentional incitement as if before the Rabin assassination but admitted Jews are discriminated over a sensitive issue of national identity.  Persico defined his four typological categories.  Kehat was disturbed when she visited for the first time last year with her daughter as saw the issue through feminist eyes; the Waqf officials demeaned women and prevented prayer as only extremists can. Glick suhhested the Mount be treat as a holy place where all religions can commune with the Divine.

I left after the first round which was to be followed by a Q & A and then another round of the panelists.


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