Sunday, June 09, 2013

New YESHA Council Report on Construction

A new study by the Yesha Council documenting massive Palestinian construction in Area C has been published.  As far as I know, only in Hebrew, at present.

From the press release:

Yesha Council announced today (Sunday) A new study on the scope of the construction of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, especially in Area C are under civilian control of Israel. Study presents the plan of Salam Fayad, the former prime minister of the Palestinian Authority for the "ending the occupation and establishing a State" and its implementation by the Ministry of Defense.

The link to the full study on the Yesha Council:

The Research Department of the Yesha Council gathered the data for a year to examine the phenomenon and its political significance.

Analysis of the findings indicates that the PA leadership is working to take over territories under Israeli control (Area C) by establishing facts on the ground, that might bring recognition to de - facto existence of a Palestinian state within the '67 borders. Strategic significance analysis of activity in the field shows that the authority is working on a number of strategic objectives: Palestinian urban continuity, isolating Jewish communities, grabbing strategic roads, control over natural resources and infrastructure.

Avi Roeh, Yesha Council Chairman, said: "Some of the illegally and sometimes contrary to international planning moves, ignore Israeli law and agreements with the State of Israel. Despite these serious acts, the Israeli government has ignored or acquiesced all this, while, on the other hand, the government has halted all construction tenders, particularly in the settlement blocs, even those promised several times over by the Prime Minister. I appeal to the government to order a review of all the projects of the Palestinian Authority which the previous defense minister instructed his officials to promote, and to approve the settlement construction tenders without delay."


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