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Correcting a Bit of History

In this post, I dealt with a 1929 incident:

Let's not forget this:

the second bloody massacre of Jews by the Arabs took place, in 1929. The story put about that the Jews planned to tear down the Mosque of Omar, and to rebuild the Temple on the site – a tactic that has been used to arouse the Arabs to this day.
and elaborated:

Zionist literature published throughout the world used the imagery of a domed structure on the Temple Mount to symbolize their national aspirations. Zionists had appropriated an Islamic minaret from the Ottoman period on the old city wall as a symbol for their propaganda. A Zionist flag was depicted atop of a building very reminiscent of the Dome of the Rock in one publication, which was later picked up and redistributed by Arab propagandists.
see here

Haj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem distributed leaflets to Arabs in Palestine and throughout the Arab world which claimed that the Jews were planning to take over the al-Aqsa Mosque. The leaflet stated that the Government was "responsible for any consequences of any measures which the Moslems may adopt for the purpose of defending the holy Burak themselves in the event of the failure of the Government…to prevent any such intrusion on the part of the Jews." A memorandum issued by the Moslem Supreme Council stated, "Having realized by bitter experience the unlimited greedy aspirations of the Jews in this respect, Moslems believe that the Jews’ aim is to take possession of the Mosque of Al-Aqsa gradually on the pretence that it is the Temple", and it advised the Jews "to stop this hostile propaganda which will naturally engender a parallel action in the whole Moslem world, the responsibility for which will rest with the Jews".

Now, I found these words of Lord Sydenham said at the House of Lords on 27 March 1923:-

Palestine, as my noble friend has said, is a very little country, but for a curious variety of reasons it is an extraordinarily important country. Communication between Jerusalem and Mecca is constantly going on, and our proceedings, as my noble friend said, are creating unrest throughout the whole of the Arab world. In Mecca not long ago leaflets were being handed about among pilgrims from the most distant parts in which the Zionist flag was represented as adorning the Mosque of Omar and one can easily imagine how inflammatory must be leaflets of that kind among the Arab and Moslem...

Six years previously.


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