Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Graphic Zionism Portrayal




Viator said...

It is scary how the Google knows that I´m typing in the url to your blog just by "myright," then it finishes the sentence.

To be short my view is:

Jews came back to Israel after seriously many hundreds of years, in the meantime (since the Italians had driven Jews out) some other people had built their homes and ancestrial legacy there. Then came the USA and thought it would do both the world and them selves a favor by reinstating jews to the country the Bible talks about. And they did. And they did with force. And they and the now living Israely newborns did it again and again. Killed people who had been living there far longer than the imigrants from America. So my view is that just because your ancestors lived there thousands of years ago does NOT make it yours. Be well.

Daniel said...

For a 4-5000 year old nation (which is olders than France,England and Sweden combined) a few hundred years is a blink in our eyes.