Sunday, June 09, 2013

A Rabbi Roils Me

A signer of that infamous "letter" who urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to work with Secretary of State Kerry, initiated by the Israel Policy Forum, now ratchets up his pressure and explains:

Why U.S. Jews must embrace Kerry's appeal 

to put pressure on Netanyahu

writes in Haaretz, and also still blogs at the Jerusalem Post,

...Kerry delivered a simple, eminently clear message: Time is up. Disaster is at hand. And therefore a way must be found to arrive at a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that will end the occupation. Not in the distant future, but very soon. And Americans Jews must help. This is not the way that senior Administration officials usually talk to Jewish groups about Israel.

And that is the point, besides that, in addition to the glaring interventionist policy adopted, Kerry's reasons for so demanding are wrong.

The Rabbi gets explicit about the problematics in Kerry's remarks:

But the purpose of this address was not at all to offer possible details of an agreement; it was to take on the thinking of those in America—and in Israel—who are convinced that Israel can continue with things as they are.  Israel absolutely cannot, Mr. Kerry said...In private conversations, Administration officials have expanded on these points, laying out just how serious they believe the situation to be...None of this guarantees peace, of course. 

"Of course"?

'OF COURSE'???!!!!

So, peace is a gamble.

And despite this:

Certain that failure to move forward will be catastrophic, the Secretary of State wants to generate a sense of urgency from Israel that does not now exist, and he wants the support of American Jews...Given all that we know of the history of the conflict, it is far from certain that peace can be achieved...

let me assure the Rabbi that the catastrophe lies in his enthusiasm for what indeed would be a debilitating approach by the administration.

That approach will harm Israel and involve American Jewry is a  losing battle with its own best interests.



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