Sunday, July 04, 2010

Can I Intrigue You?

Is this not an intriguing statement:-

I’d always heard that if you understand kabbalah, you’ve probably got it wrong

If intrigued, read the book review of THE FROZEN RABBI By Steve Stern.

What is the book about?

Here's another book review summary:

The book's 370 pages are packed to bursting with epic adventure and hysterical comedy, with grim poignancy and pointed satire, as Stern repeatedly shifts time and tone to craft a wildly entertaining tale of the 20th-century Jewish experience and the paradox of tradition.

The author of seven works of adult fiction and two children's books based on Jewish folklore, Stern grounds his fantastical tale within the perfectly recognizable: "Sometime during his restless fifteenth year, Bernie Karp discovered in his parents' food freezer -- a white-enameled Kelvinator humming in its corner of the basement rumpus room -- an old man frozen in a block of ice." It seems that while meditating near a pond in Poland in 1889, the mystic Rabbi Eliezer ben Zephyr was flooded, frozen, cut into a block of ice and eventually left in the care of Bernie's great-great-grandfather Salo King (or Salo Frostbite, as he's soon called).

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