Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chaotic Cohen

Roger Cohen is either dumb, malicious or plain Jewish-anti-Jewish for some reason even though he brought his daughter here to Israel to celebrate her Bat Mitzva at the Kotel.

After his pro-Iranian stance of last year, praising the status of Iranian Jews against all knowledge and logic, which he partly recanted, he now is championing a Turkish-American killed on the Marmara flotilla ship.

I won't excerpt the article (it makes me sick) but I'll just make two points.

a) as regards discrimination in the amount of attention between Jews and Israelis and other, I don't recall Cohen going overboard getting overly excited in a self-pained fashion about Jewish deaths during the Second Intifada period as he does of this death;

b) this quotation: "Israel’s self-defeating suffocation of Gaza" is evil. We are not suffocating Gaza and the column of his pal, Nicholas Kristoff, a fortnight ago is one proof. I guess he really wanted to write "snuffing".

No missiles, no closure.

No rockets, no closure.

No mortars, no closure.

Freeing Gilad Shalit or even proper Red Cross supervision, no closure.

It is not Israel that is self-defeating itself but the Gazans, the Hamas who are the ones engaged in self-defeatism.

Oh, and Roger Cohen, too.

Evelyn Gordon makes some other good points.

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