Friday, July 30, 2010

There's a Virus Going Around

Remember when Moshe Yaalon was excoriated?

...The Prime Minister's Office announced Wednesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will summon Ya'alon for a face-to-face talk on the backdrop of statements he made against Peace Now at the conference when the prime minister returns from vacation.

During the meeting, part of which was broadcast Wednesday evening on Channel 2, Minister Ya'alon used particularly harsh words against left-wing activists and Peace Now members.

When asked by one of the attendees about plans to dismantle the Bnei Adam outpost, he responded, "We again are dealing with the issue of the virus, Peace Now – the elitists, if you may – who have incurred great damage. From my perspective, Jews can and need to live in all of the Land of Israel for all eternity."

and the follow-up:

Netanyahu: Ya'alon remarks unacceptable

Prime minister condemns vice prime minister's statement that Peace Now is 'a virus', while left-wing politicians claim remarks inflaming violence. 'He should not be part of the Israeli government,' says Labor MK Pines-Paz. Kadima: These are Netanyahu's true colors

Now read this:

The disengagement plan was full of flaws...[but] The disengagement plan did have a strength, though: It was a bold attempt, the first of its kind, to deal with the lethal virus. The basic logic behind it was valid and remains so...Israel has a crucial and moral obligation to end the occupation...



So, who is going to exorciate...Ari Shavit of Ha-Ha-Haaretz?

Pssst. No one. He's of the leftist elite.

(Kippah tip: Carl)

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Juniper in the Desert said...

"Ya'alon remarks unacceptable",Netanyahoo

" Israel's attack on Turkish terrorists unacceptable",Cleggaron

Yes, this virus is spreading fast. Maybe they all can't wait for the "Mahdi" of Ahmadinejad to arrive!