Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Russian Jabotinsky - The International Workshop

Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russian Fridns of the Hebrew University in Moscow, Tulane University, Literary Museum of Odessa, Russian State University for Humanities and other academic institutions are currently engaged in an international workshop devoted to the study of various aspects of Ze've Jabotinsky's life output. I attend just the first session tody as my Russian is poor.

Here's the invitation at the location is the Hebrew University School of Humanities, Room 2407:

The second volume of Jabotinsky's journalistic and literary output in the original Russian, covering 1902 (over 700 pages). The first volume up until 1901 is also over 700 pages.

The frontispiece of the second volume (I was informed that of the material in these two volumes, 70% is not in the possession of the Jabotisnky Institute as the work being done is researching previously closed in inaccessible archives to find the old newspapers and journals):-

Prof. Arye Naor delivering his lecture of Jabotinsky's nationalism of liberalism:-

A portion of the workshop participants:-

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