Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rabbinical Assistance Nowadays

The item that caught my attention:-

Alyssa Barrett Litoff and Joshua Todd Gordon were married Saturday at Rosecliff, a mansion in Newport, R.I.

Dr. Timothy Johnson, a Evangelical Covenant Church minister and the senior medical contributor for ABC News, officiated, with the assistance of Rabbi Jonathan P. Kendall.

Mrs. Gordon, 33, is a producer on the ABC News program “Nightline.” She graduated magna cum laude from Brown. She received a master’s in journalism from Columbia.

The bride is a daughter of Judy Barrett Litoff of Providence, R.I., and Hal Litoff of Bellingham, Wash.

Mr. Gordon, 36, is the founder and president of Red Pocket Mobile, a wireless service provider in Marina del Rey, Calif. He works in New York. He graduated magna cum laude from Williams College.

The bridegroom is a son of Rhona Susan Gordon and Dr. Stephen Ross Gordon of Santa Barbara, Calif.

My attention caught:

a) Saturday? Was that Shabbat or Saturday night?

b) Weddings are not permitted during the 'three weeks' period, between 17th Tammuz and 9th of Av.

c) Mixed-marriage wedding or just mixed-ministers? And see his criticism of Jews for Jesus (here) which begs the question: a real Christian then must be better?

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