Sunday, July 25, 2010

ISMer: Watch Out

No, not from the IDF.

The Pals.:-

...while most activists read about Mideast politics, volunteers can be clueless about conservative Palestinian culture. That's led to tensions, including sexual harassment. Some Palestinians assume female activists are permissive because they don't behave like conservative Palestinian women.

During last week's workshop, Jamjoum, 52, laid the rules out. He asked women to cover their arms and legs. For men: long pants only. Another volunteer explained how to dodge sexual harassment...

...One ISM veteran - a 23-year-old American calling herself Saegan - highlights an activist's life. Like other volunteers, she would only identity herself with a pseudonym. During her 6 months with the group, she has been battered by tear gas alongside Palestinians, but also fended off a Palestinian man who tried to rape her while she slept in a West Bank village.

It's tough at times being humanitarian.

(Kippah tip: RC)

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