Sunday, July 18, 2010

To Which Half Do You Belong? Temple, Here We Come

One half is sure, the other half either unsure or no.

About rebuilding the Temple:-

Half the Israeli public wants the Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash) to be rebuilt. This is the main finding of a poll commissioned by the Knesset Television Channel and carried out by the Panels Institute.

...Forty nine percent said they want the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, while 23% said they do not. The remainder said they were unsure.

The public is about evenly split on whether they believe it will happen, with a slight edge – 42% to 39% – to those who believe the Third Holy Temple will be rebuilt.

Should the State of Israel take active steps towards the reconstruction? Forty-eight percent said no, while 27% said yes.

I'd be happy with a compromise - 80% would want to engage in scientific archaeological excavations within the Temple Mount compound and 100% to favor Jewish prayer in a defined section which would not interfere with Muslim sentiments in an acceptable fashion to all sides.

P.S. Check out some other archaeological finds in the Galilee.

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