Sunday, July 18, 2010

Civilians Targeted by Gunfire: One Woman Dead, Others Wounded

No, the victims weren't Arabs.

And the perpetrators weren't Jews nor even "settlers"

No, not in Judea & Samaria nor east Jerusalem.

And not even Turkish Islamists killed by the IDF.

It was just one of many dozens of instances of Arab sniper fire directed at Jews in the Jaffa area, from a...mosque!

During the early months of the Arab war of agression on the nascent Jewish state:-

That newspaper report is dated February 1, 1948.

And more there:-

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Morey Altman said...

Simple cause and effect is often lost on those who wish to fault Israelis for defending themselves. But the historical record is pretty clear. Following the successful UN partition vote of November 29, 1947, Jaffa and Tel Aviv came into immediate conflict. Arab snipers and mortar squads in Jaffa began targeting Jewish neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv. Dozens were killed and several hundred injured in these attacks. Thousands of Jewish residents were forced to flee the area. And Haganah reprisals were taking lives in Jaffa. The situation quickly deteriorated.

“As long as mortar bombs are fired from Jaffa at Tel-Aviv, life in that city is...precarious," wrote Palestine's British High Commissioner General Sir Alan Cunningham. ('An Analysis of the Palestine Situation, April 1948', Cunningham Papers, IV/5/33)

The subsequent Irgun action against Jaffa was a direct consequence of months of deadly attacks by Arab Irregulars against Jewish civilians.

yoni said...

boy, you must be even more bored than i am. i mean, i appreciate the "historical" posts in general, but: 1 killed by sniper fire in 1948? not in any way to denigrate the memory of the dead, but aren't you really scraping the bottom of the barrel here? in the context of what was going on at the time this story probably didn't surprise or motivate or educate anyone, even back then.