Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Harry Moskoff Knows Where It Is

The Ark, that is.

Another effort to locate elements of the Jewish Temple Mount:

Ark seeker develops theory, works on docudrama

Harry Moskoff is certain of at least one thing – the most powerful lost treasure the world has ever known, one that “could end all religious doubt and bloodshed or start the war of all wars,” is not housed in an unmarked box in a secret military warehouse in Nevada.
The Ark of the Covenant [he] suspects...hasn’t moved very far in the past three millennia.

“I’m sure it’s under the Temple Mount,” he said. “There’s no question about that.”

To satisfy his own curiosity, the patent agent and father of six began compiling topographical, archaeological, historical and biblical information about the ark’s whereabouts more than two decades ago. The data he gathered became evidence to form his theory, and the basis of a 40-plus page, highly technical research paper, complete with maps and diagrams.

Moskoff is currently working [on] a 50-minute docudrama entitled Mapping the Ark: The Quest of All Time.

Moskoff pinpoints its location just south of the Dome of the Rock. According to his research, the ark cannot be directly below the Muslim holy site itself because of an ancient prophecy by Micah saying that the chamber of the Holy of Holies would only be built upon during the Temple eras...

...“If and when it is found, it would prove the essential Israeli sovereignty over the area,” Moskoff said, adding that it would also counter the often-negative public opinion of the state by evincing the veracity of the Bible and the Jews’ connection to God. “It would be the oncoming of a new era, the on-bringer of a Messianic era.”

...the film’s disclaimer warns that its intention is “strictly academic and by no means encourages premature or irresponsible action.”...

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