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Unethical Journalism (Who? Us?)

Ynet report:-

Breaking News

'Jewish terrorist' relatives say Shin Bet raided his parent's house

Published: 07.16.10, 11:24 / Israel News

Police officers and Shin Bet agents raided the house of Haim Pearlman's parents in the West Bank settlement of Tekoa, said Pearlman's relatives.

Pearlman, dubbed the 'Jewish terrorist', is suspected of four murder cases involving Arabs. His relatives claimed "Shin Bet is panicked and is trying to force Pearlman to admit to acts he did not commit."

Now, even if you new nothing about this, you should be able to guess that the investigation is on-going, there's no charge sheet - he's only "suspected", no trial, no verdict, no nothing.

But, he's a 'terrorist'.

Okay, he's dubbed a terrorist and single quotation marks help you to understand - what?

Well, let's see some other versions:


Accusations that Perlman murdered two Arabs in Jerusalem and attempted to murder others led to the exposure of Shin Bet incitement. In tapes released Thursday and posted on Arutz Sheva's Hebrew page, a Shin Bet agent can be heard encouraging Perlman to murder Islamic Movement head Sheikh Raed Salah and to carry out “a small fireworks display” in an Arab village. Perlman rejected both suggestions.

The agent also told Perlman that he would have killed activists aboard the flotilla ship Mavi Marmara, one of whom was MK Hanin Zouabi, and that he would be willing to sit in prison in order to "get" MK Taleb A-Sana.

The tapes prove that the Shin Bet went beyond attempts to get Perlman to talk, crossing into incitement to murder, sources close to Perlman said. Friends also accused the Shin Bet of taking advantage of Perlman's tenuous financial position by paying him money at each meeting, creating a situation in which he became dependent on his meetings with Shin Bet agents and was coerced into telling them what they wanted to hear.

Perlman denies the accusations of murder and attempted murder. Friends say the charges were announced only after the Shin Bet discovered that Perlman had evidence of the attempted incitement.

Gilad Pollak, a friend of Perlman's, said it was clear before the affair broke that Perlman was facing some sort of personal crisis. “He had trouble looking us in the eyes,” he recalled. Pollak said Perlman told a friend, “Given my financial situation, I would even confess to murdering Arlozorov,” a reference to pre-state Zionist leader Chaim Arlozorov, who was assassinated in 1933.

The Shin Bet takes advantage of Perlman and others like him in order to justify the existence of its Jewish affairs branch, which seeks out Israeli Jewish extremists and terrorist cells, Pollak accused. “They try to justify their budget,” he said.


Israeli security forces on Friday carried out a search at the home of alleged Jewish terrorist Chaim Pearlman's parents in the West Bank settlement of Tekoa, less than a week after he was arrested for a string of stabbing attacks against Palestinians over the last decade...Pearlman was arrested on Tuesday, initially on suspicion of carrying out two murders in 1998 and for a series of non-fatal attacks. The Petah Tikva Magistrates' Court on Thursday extended his remand by six days and announced that he was the main suspect in two other murder cases.

Pearlman has said that he was contacted by a person who allegedly worked for the Shin Bet security service while disseminating fliers for the extreme right-wing Kach movement and encouraged to commit violent acts, including the assassination of Sheik Ra'ad Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel.

Pearlman recorded all his conversations with the man and says he has 20 hours of recordings that prove he opposed such violent activities.

The Shin Bet denied Thursday claims it tried to coerce Pearlman into carrying out attacks against Arabs, saying the exchanges recorded in the tapes released earlier Thursday represented a legitimate method of extracting a confession from a suspect.

In his conversation with the person Pearlman claimed was a Shin Bet agent, Pearlman can be heard supporting non-violent, educational activities, with the alleged agent apparently incites him to violence.

In the recordings released Thursday, the alleged agent can be heard saying that only an "extreme move" could change public opinion, citing the assassination of Sheik Ra'ad Salah as one such extreme move.

"I could do it," the agent can be heard saying, referring to the proposed killing of the Islamic Movement leader, saying that Salah's security would prevent him from succeeding, adding that if he were Pearlman he would commit the assassination.

"It's not about hitting him [Salah] and getting in trouble. It's about coming over, hitting him, and see you later, like that guy in Bar Noar" the alleged Shin Bet agent can be heard saying, referring to the killing of a counselor and a teenager at a Tel Aviv gay center last year.

The agent continues to explain how he would carry out Salah's assassination, saying Pearlman would have to "use another person for that," adding that if he himself had grown up where Pearlman had grown up, "I wouldn't be spray painting slogans."

"You don't really want to do it," Pearlman can be heard as saying, with the alleged Shin Bet agent replying: "Says who? Says you? What are you relying on? Can you check me? Come check me, I'm ready."

When Pearlman asked if the alleged Shin Bet agent understood the ramifications of such an act, and if he would be willing to take responsibility for it, the agent said: "sure, why not."

"How long will the noise continue? Will it lead to war? Won't there be war without it happening?" the agent can be heard asking, adding that "war has casualties."

"Listen I don't have a problem [inaudible] someone who takes a life once and gets that feeling…. I would never do it to a Jew. It would be hard," the alleged Shin Bet agent said, adding, "but I wouldn't have a problem with one of those."

After again discussing the risks such an action would entail, Pearlman can be heard asking if the alleged agent even knew where Salah lived, with the agent answering: "somewhere in the North, in one of the villages in the North.

"Look, it shouldn't be much of a problem. The car passes. You shoot a burst. Chances are the driver will get killed," the agent added, saying that Pearlman would have to either "finish him with one burst, or a few split ones."

The alleged agent continues his description of the potential assassination, saying that it would not be the kind of operation where one would "come in close."

"You need to be as far away as you can in this kind of situation. Or put a bomb in the car. That's the classic one. Nothing's left, everything goes everywhere," the agent added, saying Salah would then "go to all hell."

Throughout the recordings Pearlman can be heard rejecting the alleged agent's call for violence, and instead supporting educational and spiritual activity.


Audio recordings of an alleged Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) agent posing as a far-right extremist and urging alleged Jewish terrorist Haim Pearlman to murder the head of the Islamic Movement’s Northern Branch, Raed Salah, were aired on Channel 2 news on Thursday night. The recordings were made available by Pearlman two days before his arrest on Tuesday, on the condition that they would be broadcast following his arrest. Pearlman said the recordings were made sometime in the last few months.

“We’ll send Salah to the next world,” a voice can be heard saying in one recording.

“Make the driver [of Salah’s vehicle] disappear...Plant an explosive in the car, that’s the easiest,” the man adds.

Pearlman is heard expressing reluctance to cooperate, and airing concerns about going to jail.

“Why are you worried about getting in trouble?” the man asks. “You can do a ‘bang bang’ like in the Bar Noar,” the man added, referring to the name of the gay youth club targeted by a gunman in Tel Aviv in 2009, an attack that left two dead.

“Let’s start a movement that gets things done... Are you a man or not?” the man said.

Responding to the recordings, a security source told The Jerusalem Post, “It is important to understand the context of this story. This entire procedure was an intelligence gathering effort aimed at examining suspicions we had regarding Pearlman’s role in a series of murders. This was not incitement.”

The source said that the operation was backed by an additional “element,” referring to state prosecutors.

“We wanted to create a mechanism through which we could receive information, which would indicate whether Pearlman was linked to the murders,” he said.

Earlier on Thursday, Pearlman, who is suspected of four murders and seven attempted murders, was remanded in custody until July 22 by the Petah Tikva District Court.

The suspect, who is associated with the outlawed Kahane Chai movement, was arrested on Tuesday night by Jerusalem Police and the Shin Bet.

During the remand hearing, an officer from the Jerusalem Police District Central Unit said Pearlman was suspected of a series of deadly stabbings of Arabs from 1998 to 2004. The officer handed the presiding judge a classified report that he said contained evidence linking Pearlman to the crimes.

The hearing was held in Pearlman’s absence as he has been forbidden to meet with his lawyer Adi Keidar since his arrest. Pearlman was later taken in for a separate hearing in a different courtroom, where he was informed of the result of his remand hearing.

Pearlman’s wife Keren came into the courtroom on Thursday carrying a copy of a pamphlet written by former leader of the far-right Kahane Chai party Noam Federman called “Know Your Rights,” which deals with the rights of citizens while under investigation by the police or Shin Bet.

At one point during the hearing, she caught a glimpse of her husband as a door to an adjacent part of the courthouse opened and yelled “Haim,” before rising and yelling his name once more as she left the room.

A number of Pearlman’s supporters also came to the courthouse and sat in the back row during the hearing.

Keidar said on Thursday that the charges against Pearlman represented “a very severe case of activation [of Pearlman] by the Shin Bet under unacceptable conditions.”

He said the security services were framing Pearlman.

A slightly different story, yes?

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