Friday, July 23, 2010

More Pal. Lies

I spotted this item earlier this week:

Israel demolishing Palestinian villages in the West Bank while financing and encouraging Israeli illegal settlements Since 1967, Israel has prevented the growth of Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley by cutting off their water supply or declaring large areas as live fire zones. The IDF's Civil Administration destroyed a Palestinian village Monday morning that had earlier been cleared out when its water supply was cut off. The IDF demolished about 55 structures in the West Bank village of Farasiya, including tents, tin shacks, plastic and straw huts, clay ovens, sheep pens and bathrooms. These structures served the 120 farmers, hired workers and their families who lived in the Jordan Valley village.

and there's more here from Amnesty and here's Ha-Ha-Haaretz's report.

I managed to get a response (in Hebrew) from the Civil Administration spokesperson who makes the following points:

a. 10 eviction orders were delivered.
b. the Beduin had invaded, illegally, an area that is an Army live-fire zone.
c. on the day the demolition was carried out, the shacks and other temporary
structures were uninhabited.
d. most of the residents actually live in permanent structures in Taisir and Tubas.
e. no appeal was ever made.
f. not only can the Civil Administration not find the name Farasiya but even in the
Pal, Authority registration the name doesn't appear.
g. no packing machinery was seen or discovered at the site and therefore, wasn't
h. it is a lie that the site has been a residential location for 45 years.

Wait for the next lie.

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