Friday, July 23, 2010

The Pals. Can't Even Lie Plausibly

Yesterday, I caught this:

Facing ban, Israeli dairy company leaves settlement

Ramallah – Ma’an – A leading Israeli dairy company has moved its factories from the occupied Golan Heights into Israel and will be allowed to market its produce in the West Bank, the National Dignity Fund announced Thursday.

President Mahmoud Abbas, whose government led by Salam Fayyad started the fund, in April banned the sale or purchase of settlement produce in the West Bank, and the deadline to clear shelves of settlement goods is 31 July.

Fund director Omer Qabaha said the move by Tara dairy, which was included in a booklet listing settlement producers that was recently distributed to Palestinian homes and shops, out of the illegal Ketzarim settlement was an accomplishment and said he hoped other companies would follow suit.

A good fellow blogger I alerted, DF, was quick off the mark and he sent me this:

Even on a Friday, Tara’s customer relations department is on the ball.

Here is their response.


Dear David

Tara has no factory on the Golan Heights and there were never any products marketed under the name Tara processed at the dairy processing plant on the Golan

Shabbat Shalom

Ralph Ginsberg

Israel Dairy Board


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Juniper in the Desert said...

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