Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shiloh Again in the News

First it was a baby.

Then a perfume.

Now, a dog.

Yes, and what they all have in common is the name Shiloh.

The baby belongs to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The perfume belongs to Symine Salimpour.

And the dog?

To (Sir) Paul McCartney's new female friend.


THE married US millionaire pictured kissing Paul McCartney has said she is “so nervous”.

The former Beatle is enjoying a friendship with lawyer’s wife Nancy Shevell. The pair have been spotted sharing breakfast, late-night dinners and walks along the beach in the Hamptons, New York, where Mr McCartney has a home.

Outside her apartment on the east side of Manhattan, Ms Shevell said: “I’m so nervous. I don’t want to say anything.”

Later, as she emerged to walk her Jack Russell terrier Shiloh last night, she laughed and told photographers: “Wait for the poop shot.”

An unnamed store manager in the Hamptons told the New York Daily News: “They usually eat at Nichol’s. It’s not fresh. It’s been going on for a while.”

Another unidentified source told showbiz website “They have known each other for a while. They are just friends.”

At the weekend, Mr McCartney was photographed kissing Ms Shevell goodbye in the front seat of his car after driving the socialite back to her mansion.

The 65-year-old appears to have put worries over his bitter divorce battles on hold.

Wealthy Ms Shevell, 47, is vice-president of her family’s successful transport firm. She married Bruce Blakeman, a commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and a partner in a top New York law firm, in 1984 and they have a teenage son. But she recently reverted to her maiden name and was not wearing a wedding ring in the pictures.

Yesterday, Mr Blakeman said: “I am legally separated from Nancy. The separation is amicable and mutual.”

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Mordechai Y. Scher said...

You forget there is a breed (sub-breed?) of dog called the Shiloh Shepherd.

None of it matters, of course. There is only one SHILOH, makom hamishkan.