Sunday, November 11, 2007

Politicians Beware: Every Vote Counts (One Way or Another)

If only candidate's wife had taken the time to vote

Oops! Winchester council incumbent misses re-election by one vote -- guess whose it was

WINCHESTER, Ind. -- Bill Monroe lost by one vote in his bid to return to the Winchester City Council. And here's the clincher to the squeaker of a race:

His wife didn't vote.

If Kathie Monroe had indeed voted on Tuesday, her husband, a Democrat who previously served two terms on the council, would have tied with Republican opponent Tom Sells, a political newcomer.

Under state law, it would have been up to the council to break the tie. The council has three Republicans and two Democrats, but Bill Monroe is a veteran politician in this small town so it's unclear which candidate would have won out.

Monroe, 50, described Thursday how he learned of his 112-111 loss. He was sitting upstairs in his home when his wife came in to report the election results. This is his recollection of their conversation:

Kathie: "Bill, you lost."

Bill: "Well, how much did I lose by?"

Kathie: "One."

Bill: "Get out of here."

Kathie: "And I didn't vote."

He recalled, "She was embarrassed by it at first. 'Oh my God, look what I've done.'"

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