Monday, November 05, 2007

Condi Tells a Story

A story that Sharon told her:

Ariel Sharon once told me a story. It was before the disengagement from Gaza.He told me that he went out to talk with Israeli settlers because he, of course, had been the father of the settler movement. He went to one family and explained to them why it was important to share the land and this man, the head of the family, said, "Let me show you something," and he showed Sharon the mezuzah above their house and he said, "You personally put that above our house. You personally told us that this was good for Israel, for us to settle here, and now you tell us that we have to leave for the good of Israel." Sharon was deeply pained by that. I could see it when he told me the story. But that is what great leaders do. They make hard decisions confidently for the sake of peace.

And, Dr. Condi, if we are after peace, the hard decision is easy: don't give the Pals. an independent state; don't give them weapons; don't allow the to attack Israel; don't permit them to oppress their own people.

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