Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ah, Galus

Yeshiva Winter Break Minyan - Bahamas

We are interested in knowing whether there will be a Minyan during Yeshiva Winter Break, Sunday January 20, 2008 thru Thursday January 24, 2008, at the Atlantis Hotel in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Please reply to this e-mail address - bahaminyan@yahoo.com - if you know of a minyan or if you are interested in participating in a Minyan. Thank you.

Gee, do they get up in time for Kri'at Shma?


MinyanSeeker said...

They most likely do.

Or, maybe it is better to just sit around making fun of other Jews without knowing the first thing about them.

YMedad said...

"Without knowing the first thing about them"? Oh, please. I do know that they have enough money to go off to the Bahamas. And am I the first one to make fun of funny Jews? Keep "seeking".

ProudJew said...

It saddens me that there are Jews who are bothered (read: jealous) by the fact that other Jews have some money.

I always find it interesting that the self righteous "I moved to Israel so I'm better than you" crowd loves to mock American Jews at the very same time that they are only too happy to take that same horrible money for their myriad of causes and projects. Are they "funny Jews" when they donate?

If American Jews, who give so generously to their Israeli brothers, want to spend some of their hard earned money for a family vacation while still davening with a minyan, I say, "good for them."

The rest of us should pray for their continued propsperity so that they can continue their unparalleled generosity towards other Jews.

YMedad said...

Dear PJ:
Please, don't misunderstand me. If I had the money, I'd go to the Bahamas, too and I don't begrudge them or their money. And I certainly respect those Jews that share their money philanthropically. To be truthful, I have also met wealthy Jews who give and then make sure you knoew they gave and expect shall we say certain commensurate acts that prove that it's not the mitzvah of tzedakah that motivates them, but they are the few. I just can't understand why someone can't see the humor I saw. I, for one, try not to go to places, especially for relaxation, where I have a doubt about being able to follow as much of Judaism as I can. We all probably have davened by ourselves out of exigency but to go away for a week to a place you doubt there'll be a minyan? I recall the stories of David Sassoon who while in England would always invite 10-15 Yeshivah boys to his country estate to make sure he had a Shabbat minyan. Now, that's being observant and generous.