Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Zogby Zaps Zionism

John Zogby writes:

there are in Bethlehem today hundreds of unemployed skilled craftsmen who were once world-renowned for their olivewood carvings and mother-of-pearl artistic creations. These workers have been idled by occupation, the blockade of their city, and lack of access to export markets.

Wait.  Before 1967, technically wasn't there a "blockade"?  The Green Line.  

So what happened before?

There was no "occupation" but the residents of Bethlehem could not get very far.  Their access was via Jordan, then, and it has improved since Israel is open to them and the thousands of tourists who come to the city do so through Israel.  What is his point?

He suggests

it might be a good thing for all Americans to resolve this Christmas to come to know the real Bethlehem and its real people - Christians, who have been living there since the time of Jesus, and Muslims - and the lives they live and what might be done to ease their burdens.

Well, yes, getting to know Bethlehem is a good idea.  

The rapes of Christian women.  The town's Christian depopulation.  The anti-Christian violence.

Is this a distinguished approach to Arab propaganda?


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