Sunday, December 23, 2012

Temple Mount Destruction Photographed

The Law for the Protection of the Holy Places and the Antiquities Law and a few others, including municipal restrictions, were defied today as Waqf authorities employed trucks and earth-moving equipment to dig out the Temple Mount and destroy archaeological material.

You don't believe me?

The photographs:

Can't make it out?  Here:-

At work:

Some of the damage:-

HC 8172/04 prohibits such activity.

(Here is a link to a Hebrew-language report on two years of desecration and illegal activity on the Temple Mount with additional pictures)

The police are useless and make excuses for the Waqf.

And today was the 10th of Tevet, a fast day commemorating the beginning of the siege placed upon Jerusalem in 588 BCE:-

And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came, he and all his army, against Jerusalem, and encamped against it; and they built forts against it round about.


Incidentally, here's how the Muslims relate to the Western Wall:

"Wailing Wall": a wall is located on the western side of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and was named in relation to the animal that knees Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - Night Flowers, indicate ahaadeeth and correct to the Prophet Muhammad came down to this place and linking animal that know Balbrac in this place, then he went from there and prayed through the prophets, imams, and then went on to the heavens Ela.The length of the Wailing Wall (which Jews called the Wailing Wall) 156 feet and a height of 56 feet, was built of huge stones in length each 16 feet. Historians will recall that this wall is the only remaining wall of the old building that was before Islam, and that the wall that existed at the time of Isra, when the episode that linked them prophets Dwabhm.In the far south end of the wall, there is a door that income from the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him to the mosque after linking Buraq door and called the "door of the Prophet," which later became known as "the gate."Against the backdrop of the Jews desecrating the Wailing Wall, and the "Buraq Revolution"; Council formed the League of Nations for an international investigation committee, to discuss the rights of Arabs and Jews in the Wailing Wall, and has reached the Committee to Jerusalem on the nineteenth of June 1930, and held 23 meetings heard through the testimony of 52 people from the Jews and 30 Arabs, and saw a British one. The Commission concluded in a closing session held from twenty-eighth of November (November) to the first of December (December) 1930 to the following resolution: "The wall effect Islamic sacred, and that every stone and Midmac the length and breadth, and the area adjacent within the old city walls Arab king and Islamic waqf, and that is not right for the Jews it at all, and Muslims alone owned the Western Wall, and them alone the right kind where for being compose an integral part of the Temple Mount, which is one of the waqf property, and Muslims also owned sidewalk object in front of the wall


January 8 (!)

Sheikh Azzam Al-Khatib, director of the Islamic waqf in occupied Jerusalem, categorically denied Israeli media claims that the Islamic waqf authority destroys the antiquities in the courtyards of the Aqsa Mosque...The Palestinian official affirmed that the Israeli police at the behest of the Israeli right-wing still prevent the waqf authority from cleaning up the piles of dirt and debris that accumulated in the eastern side of the Aqsa Mosque.


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I am angry---beyond words. WHO will defend and TAKE BACK our Holy Temple Mount, in OUR Holy Capital and OUR Holy Land!