Monday, December 17, 2012

Jewish Yet "Fiercely Independent"

On the state of American Judaism, from the site of Adath Israel in Newtown, Conneticutt:-

Our Congregation includes descendants of the original Jewish farmers, modern interfaith families and an active membership participating in all aspects of our liturgy.  We welcome all to our home.

We are a “Contemporary” Conservative Synagogue.  “Contemporary” is meant to convey our progressive social values that enable us to be completely accepting of interfaith families---perhaps even more so than our neighboring reform congregations.   Whereas, “Conservative" is meant to convey our solid Hebrew/Judaic education offered to both youth and adults.  Adath Israel, a fiercely independent institution, offers the very best aspects of Conservative and Reform Judaism. 

and a contemporary conservative synagogue, we are proud to follow our Jewish heritage while at the same time learning how to be flexible within a strong framework of Judaism.  We understand that every person and family has their own spiritual need and habits of observance.  Our services now acknowledge the presence of less active participants including non-Jewish members in attendance.  This provides a sense of flexibility within our strong religious framework and gives all attendees a taste of our wonderful faith and history.


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