Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Full Regalia at the Western Wall?

Has Netanyahu collapsed?

Is Natan Scharansky a savior?

Will Anata Hoffman get her full regalia?

Did Abe Foxman convince Bibi?

It's all in this story:

Israel to Review Curbs on Women’s Prayer at Western Wall 

Amid outrage across the Jewish diaspora over a flurry of recent arrests of women seeking to pray at the Western Wall with ritual garments in defiance of Israeli law, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked Natan Sharansky, the chairman of the Jewish Agency, to study the issue and suggest ways to make the site more accommodating to all Jews...“The prime minister thinks the Western Wall has to be a site that expresses the unity of the Jewish people, both inside Israel and outside the state of Israel,” Ron Dermer, Mr. Netanyahu’s senior adviser, said in an interview on Tuesday. “He wants to preserve the unity of world Jewry. This is an important component of Israel’s strength.”

...Asked whether he could imagine a day when women could wear prayer shawls and read Torah at the wall itself, Mr. Sharansky said, “I imagine very easily a situation where everybody will have their opportunity to express their solidarity with Judaism and the Jewish people and the state of Israel in a way he or she wants, without undermining the other.”
...Anat Hoffman, the chairwoman of Women of the Wall, reacted with cautious optimism [and] said the women’s group would be satisfied if it were allowed to pray at the wall once a month with full regalia, [while] her religious action center wants hours each day, between scheduled prayer times, when the gender partition is removed and people can freely enjoy the site as a cultural monument.

...Abraham H. Foxman, the director of the Anti-Defamation League, said he had discussed the wall and other questions of religious pluralism with Mr. Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday...

So, civil disobedience works?



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