Wednesday, December 19, 2012

US Jlm Consulate Underming Morals of Arab Youth?

Caught on Facebook:

Come and see an American Mystery movie, and get a chance to practice your English language at the America House in Jerusalem Nablus Road, near the Legacy Hotel. Even more, Guess the movie, guess the star and possibly win an America House surprise. (A drawing for a prize will be made for those who guess the name of the movie and the actor). Hint: "The movie and the legendary American icon that forever changed the perception of the American teenager."

Okay, I know that the political & cultural themes of the Consulate, as distinct from its consuara services, are for Arabs only and that's why this is advertised in English and Arabic only.

But I'd love to know what Hamas thinks of this attempt that might be considered as undermining the morals of local Arab youth.


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