Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stabbing Stories

Saw this:-

Hasan Breigiyeh told Ma’an that settlers from Nokdim settlement, where outgoing Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman lives, attacked local shepherds [of Beit Taamar] near Herodion. The settlers, according to Bregiyyeh, stabbed some sheep.

"Stabbed sheep"?

Remember the claim of the car driver who ran over goats?

The sheep "burned"?

Actually, I think this stabbing story is more to the point:-
A man pleaded guilty to murdering his wife on Thursday in a case that sparked outrage and prompted a presidential inquiry into institutional failures to protect victims of domestic violence. The prosecutor charged Shadi Ubeidallah, 33, with fatally slashing the throat of his estranged wife Nancy Zaboun outside her workplace, a shop in Bethlehem's Old City, on July 30. Zaboun, 29, was killed half an hour after attending a court hearing with Ubeidallah to decide custody for their children, aged 3, 6, and 8. An autopsy revealed she suffered 13 stab wounds in the attack. Although Ubeidallah pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, he told the court that "it's not all true," without elaborating. The judge postponed the trial to Feb. 21 to allow the defense to call witnesses. The night before her death, Zaboun told police Ubeidallah had attacked her at her workplace and threatened to kill her. Zaboun had repeatedly complained of domestic violence to police, the Ministry of Social Affairs and three women's organizations but Ubeidallah, a former police officer, was arrested for the first time at the scene of her murder. The public nature of Zaboun’s killing provoked outrage and demonstrations. President Mahmoud Abbas responded by forming a committee which, in October, criticized police and women's institutions for failing to protect Zaboun.

Anyway, from EOZ, a video steal:


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