Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You Interested in Astrolabes?

And are you interested in Jewish astrolabes, too?  Like the plans for this one:

Go here.

Or read here about:

A three-year project on Astrolabes in Medieval Jewish Society, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (project code AH/1003800/1) began on May 23, 2011, with Charles Burnett as Principal Investigator, Stephen Johnston of the Museum of the History of Science (Oxford University) (formerly Silke Ackermann and the British Museum) as Co-Investigator, and Josefina Rodriguez Arribas as Researcher. This project is being run jointly by the Warburg Institute and the Museum of the History of Science (Oxford University), and will survey on the one hand astrolabes and related instruments made or possessed by Jews in the Middle Ages, and on the other, Hebrew texts on the construction and use of the astrolabe, with the aim of producing a monograph on the place of the astrolabe in medieval Jewish society and an illustrated catalogue of the instruments. A blog is being set up at the Museum of the History of Science which will give full details of the project and its progress.A display presenting the project can be seen in the Warburg Lecture Room until 7 January 2013.


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