Friday, December 28, 2012

Naftali Bennet Becoming Iconic

A new graphic spin on the Bayit Yehudi leader:



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Alan said...

Bennett - an exceptionally attractive candidate, on multiple levels.

Shas (was it Deri?) recently mentioned that the among reasons that THEY shouldn't be blamed for not solving the housing problem after 4 years in control of the ministry is... lack of cooperation from the rest of the government in BRINGING IN SKILLED FOREIGNER CONSTRUCTION WORKERS. He apparently believes that his core voters will say: yeah, just bring in filipino MENFOLK now to get the houses built!! (of course, Shas will make sure that the filipinits down at the Takhanat Merkazit don't hang out WITH the menfolk at those lumpia restaurants on the weekend, and then mysteriously somehow out pops a new sabra RomanCatholic bebe to be enrolled at Bialik-Rogozin.... because, you know, Shas has been quite successful at shiksa birth control so far!!)

Is he speaking total nonsense? Or is the self-identified nationalist camp (is that like the "self-identified women" in San Francisco?) so busy praising each others' yichus, that they miss the forest for the trees about what it takes to build a country??!?