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Jewish "Terrorism" - 1947

From The Advertiser, an Australian newspaper

The reconstructed text:


"High Level" Talks In Jerusalem
Injured Victim Still Untraced Associated Press And Our Special Representative LONDON, January 29.

The Commander Middle East Forces (Gen. Sir Miles Dempsey) held a special "high level" conference in Jerusalem today, at which, it is reported, steps to prevent a repetition of kidnappings were discussed and arrangements made for the evacuation of all British wives and children from Palestine, says the Exchange Telegraph Company. While Judge Ralph Windham, one of two men kidnapped in Palestine at the week-end, has been released by ter rorists, the other, Mr. H. I. Collins, is still missing. Jewish leaders today sent representatives to the Palestine Government to find out its attitude following the re lease of Judee Windham six hours before the deadline for the release of the kidnapped men set by the High Commissioner in Palestine (Gen. Sir Alan Cunningham) on Monday night, when he delivered a 48-hour ulti matum. The Irgun Z'wai Leumi declares Kiat an early announcement "of details of the release of Mr. Collins" will be given over its secret transmitter. The Colonial Secretary (Mr. Creech Jones), in the House of Commons yesterday, warned Palestine Jews "and others who had condoned brutalities" that the course of recent events must lead to an order placing the country under full military control, "with all that that implied."

"Object Achieved"

his wig. the only wig he possesses. "said the food and the bed he was given while captive were good. The terrorists did not tie him and he was treated in a "most gentlemanly manner." Judge Windham was kept in a 12-ft. square cellar near Ramat gan. north-west of Tel Aviv...After being told yesterday evening that he would be freed. Judge Windham was made to walk by a roundabout route for over an hour with a mask on. The mask was finally taken off and replaced by a handkerchief. His captors then left him. He walked for an hour over muddy fields and eventually found a factory, from which he telephoned. Mrs. Windham told reporters that the guards who watched Judge Windham constantly wore black masks. They had long political arguments with him in German in the friendliest manner. They joked about the possibility of having to kidnap him again. It is officially reported all curfews have been lifted through out Palestine.

After the release of Judge Windliam, Irgun Z"wai Leumi sent a message to English newspapers in Jerusalem. "Judge Windliam and Mr. Collins are being released, not be cause we fear martial law, but be cause the object of their detenticn has been achieved," the message states. "Dov Gruner hasn't been executed, and won't be." Terrorists told Judge Wiodham that he was being held as a hostage for Gruner, who was sentenced to death for his part in the attack against the Ramatgan railway sta tion last year. The police in Jerusalem are speculating that his kidnappers may have decided to retain Mr. Collins for treatment as he is so badly injured that they cannot send him back unharmed, as instructed. Mr. Collins was hit on the head with an axe handle and then chloroformed at the time of his abduction, according to Associated Press of Great Britain. Judge Windham, who is annoyed because the terrorists souvenired

"Despicable Evils"

In his statement in the The House of Commons, Mr. Creech Jones said that the "Government intended to give unreserved support to the measures taken by Palestine civil ' military authorities to end "despicable evils." Mr. Creech Jones added that Mr. Collins was believed to be seriously injured. Unless the kidnapped men where produced within 48 hours, civilian administration and other facilities would be withdrawn from Tel Aviv and two other towns. The Government in consultation with Gen. Sir Alan Cunningham, had issued a strong directive intended to ensure the application of more effective military and police measures. The suppression of terrorism demands the active participation of the whole Jewish community! and also direct co-operation by the Jewish Agency, which, I regret, has not been forthcoming to the extent essential for preventing these acts of terrorism," he said. I make one more appeal to community leaders and each individual Jew to recognise where such crimes must lead and to prove that they have the will and power to maintain the ordinary decencies of civilised life and the essential conditions for the continuance of civil government."...


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