Thursday, July 28, 2011

From Tonight's Tweetup at HaGov

First pics from tonight's get-together of Israeli bloggers with Hadassah Sabo Milner and William Daroff held at HaGov Bar off of Zion Square in Jerusalem:-

a) William, Hadassah and yours truly (see Hadassah's pics here)

b) Hadassah, Mom in Israel and Batya Medad (pics there, too)

c)  part of the gang (Rafi G.; &  Benji Lovitt;

d) more of the gang (Hadassah Levy bottom left;

e)  that's Batya and Gannie in the middle and David Abitbol of Jewlicious fame at the far right:

You're invited to identify yourselves as I didn't know eveyone and stayed mostly in my corner.



HSaboMilner said...

it was a wonderful evening - cannot wait to do it again soon.

YMedad said...

and I forgot to ask: is it SAYbo or SAHbo? enjoy your stay and we're around if required.

HSaboMilner said...

Yisrael - here its SAHbo, in the US it's SAYbo. :)

Emily Cornell said...

It was so much fun to stop by and meet folks! Great to have a face (and not just 50x50 pixels) and a voice to match to Tweets and blog posts.

mother in israel said...

Thanks so much for setting it up. Your son has a great place too.

ראובן ורבר said...

Sorry I missed you