Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't Cremate Amy Winehouse!

Having followed Amy Winehouse for the past few years, noting appreciatively her prominent and seemingly proud display of a Star of David pendant, I was upset to read the following:

Winehouse family confirms Amy's funeral will take place today

Amy Winehouse's funeral will be held today for family and close friends to attend as tributes continue to pour in for the singer. The ceremony will happen even though her cause of death is not yet known as police have said it will be up to four weeks before tests have been carried out.

She will be cremated in Golders Green, north London, after the private service.

...A spokesman for the family said last night: 'The funeral will take place on Tuesday and will be a family and close friends affair.' He would not reveal details about the location or time of the funeral, which Jewish law states has to take place as soon as possible
and this

The singer, who will be cremated today following a Jewish service for friends and family...

Cremation is not a Jewish custom. See here; here; and even the Conservative movement forbids it.

So, Mitch and Janis:

please reconsider.

Perhaps Lord Chief Rabbi Jonathan sacks can intervene. Write to him.

Not a nice end to a Jewish girl who was all about love, as you said.



Ahmad said...

Just written to him. Can't believe why do they do that?

Ilana said...

Cremation means that there will not be any exhuming the body to carry out more tests if something comes back suspicious. There may not be a gravesite for people to go tramping to.
Death is only a beginning.
Cremation is an actual end.

Anonymous said...

Cremation will only allow any potential foul play to be covered up and the truth vaporized.

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks should intervene if at all possible.

Too many of these celebrity deaths are just written off as having reaped what these haunted souls seemed to have sowed -- when we can't really see all the provocations they may have been enduring to cause them to either want to end their lives or acquiese to someone "helping" them do so. For whatever evil purposes.