Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guess Who Is Firing Rubber Bullets?

Not Israei police.

Not in the disputed territories.


United States police.

In Los Angeles.

Reported that riot police fired rubber bullets at a huge crowd of young ravers rioting on Hollywood Boulevard. The youngsters threw bottles and set fire to cars after being denied entry to a Hollywood film première.  The unruly crowd began partying on the streets in protest and when they refused to disperse, officers took drastic action.


Crowds spilled into the street around Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, with some people throwing bottles at police. Witnesses said others were dancing on a police car, taunting officers and "planking" — lying down in the street. There were also sporadic fights among people in the crowd.

Police in riot gear shut down streets around the theater, and dozens of other officers in police cruisers responded to the disturbance.

Photos: Disturbance outside the Hollywood film premiere

"I knew it was going to get out of hand when they started taunting the police," said Adam Bloch, 20, who works in a building across from the theater. "They were asking for it."

There were no reports of injuries or property damage. But by early evening, a row of riot police with masks and batons were pushing against the crowd. Police also fired beanbags to disperse people.

Late in the evening, the LAPD set up a mobile field jail at the scene. At least two people were arrested on felony vandalism charges.


And America is a democracy.

Wait, in a democracy you can do such things?

Now they tell us?


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Juniper in the Desert said...

If it is a democracy defined, say by Egypt, or Syria, then yes! Also, they are protecting the liberal/mozlem-loving elite.
Erosion in California is not just by the waves at Malibu...