Thursday, July 28, 2011

From the Wall to the March

This wall poster

is protesting this event:

Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance

The Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance will take place Thursday, July 28th 2011, on the eve of the two-year commemoration-day of the murder at Bar Noar.  The March will begin downtown in Independence Park, and march to the Rose Garden opposite the Knesset. The day of commemoration of the Bar Noar shooting is to us a day of painful memory. At the same time, it marks the LGBTQ community's organization into protest and struggle. It is a day that sounds the sirens for society to rectify itself, to reduce physical, verbal and institutional violence we face.

Our campaign for social amendment is intertwined in a mass of struggles for a more just society. For this reason, Pride will march in Jerusalem this year under the title “intertwined paths”. Our March will emphasize the partnership and need for solidarity between seemingly separate struggles to amend social injustices.

In the past year we admired the strength of the people in nations in our region to overturn regimes of political oppression. We were impressed by the struggle of the social workers and the doctors for more just employment conditions that will allow for quality healthcare and support structures for society at large. We witnessed the success of the women's movement to pin accountability for sexual assaults on the most prominent government bodies. Women and men around us conduct countless struggles for justice.

We stand with them, and invite them to march with us.

There are no platforms at Jerusalem Pride. The entire March is a platform for what you might do in it. We call upon groups and individuals to take an active role in the March; To create the March together with the Jerusalem Open House. We invite you to organize activities during the assembly, to register (in advance!) to the open stage that will run during Pride's assembly, and to create marching-groups for the March itself – using your own messages, creativity and style.

We shall arrive. Together.


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