Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Funny But That Shiksa Looks Jewish

In a DailyMail story on

Christian girls who go to church are 'more tolerant of other faiths than their peers'

the accompanying picture doesn't seem to be illustrating a shiksa but a nice Jewish girl who is also most probably a resident of Yesha and demonstrating on behalf of Jewish residency rights in our homeland.

What do you think?

I'll bet she's reading from the book of Pslams.

(with appreciation, as always, to CR)

Oh, and yes, our girls can appear so:



The phenomenal EOZ has found it!

Here's the original:`

P.S.  VelvetUnderground linked it:



Anonymous said...

Here's another great quote from that story. Based on the survey of young Christian ladies:

'Young people from different religious backgrounds clearly show respect for each other."

Hmm...Muslim males with religious training sow such respect for Jews on the streets of...where was that country again?

R said...

"Shaharit, not Psalms. Sun's up and she's at the beginning of the sidur."

Anonymous said...

Shiksa is now a perjorative word (whether it once was or not is immaterial) you should
call her either gentile,christian or non-Jewish. I agree - she looks typically Yesha

Seth said...
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Anonymous said...

As R said, she's davening Shaharith. I base this on R's same observations (beginning of the Siddur) and the fact that, in the full photo, she is clearly in a camp setting with others still sleeping in the early morning hours. I'm betting Anglo seminary girl, although I could be wrong, rather than actual settler, unless she is an Anglo settler who previously (and fairly recently) attended seminary.

Unknown said...

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