Thursday, July 28, 2011

High Court Permits The Defecating on Arab Land

To all intents and purposes, the smug Israeli justices obviously prefer the contamination of the land and the resulting danger to Arabs - and Jews - from this untreated water situation.  Obviously, the Arab owner should have been doing something or at least seeking to cooperate but as we know from the history of the conflict, no matter what benefit that may accrue them from working together with the Jews, the Arab will almost always chose an inferior result.

The story:

High Court forbids use of Israeli sewage plant illegally built on Palestinian land

The High Court of Justice yesterday forbade operating a sewage treatment plant built illegally on privately owned Palestinian land in the West Bank settlement of Ofra.  The ruling came in response to a petition submitted by Yesh Din on behalf of residents of the Palestinian village of Ein Yabrud against building the plant on their land.

The state admitted to numerous failures in the procedures of setting up the plant, which had indeed been built without the required permits on private land.  However, the state said the region's sewage problems had to be addressed. For this reason the authorities formulated a proposal to confiscate the land for public need, to permit operating the plant, which would also serve the area's Palestinian villages, the state said.

The justices ruled it may not be operated and ordered the state and the Binyamin Regional Council to pay the petitioners' legal expenses.

...The authorities are now in process of amending and adjusting the procedure so the settlement may operate the plant.

What crap.



Juniper in the Desert said...

In England, some years ago, a farmer was so disgusted when his bank withdrew his overdraft facility, he drove to the bank and deposited a huge cargo of manure. It covered a large part of the frontage of the bank and the pavement.

Maybe these "justices" need a taste of their own medicine!!

Sewage problems said...

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