Monday, January 03, 2011

So, It Was A Blood Libel: The Abu Rahman Hoax

That "poisoned" and "gassed" and "white phosphursized" Arab lady at Bil'in?

She was n't at the demo.

She had been treated in a Ramallah hospital for 10 days previously.

She died of a cancer, lung or of the blood.

The first Hebrew report from Channel 10 News:

צה"ל: המפגינה מבלעין מתה מסרטן ולא משאיפת גז מדמיע שירה צה"ל
20:32 03.01.2011
בצה"ל טוענים כי מות המפגינה, ג'והאר אבו רחמא, בבלעין היה מפוברק. תחקיר צה"ל, שבוצע בעקבות טענות הפלסטינים שהיא מתה משאיפת גז מדמיע שירה צה"ל בבלעין בסוף השבוע, קובע כי היא כלל לא הייתה בהפגנה. ככל הנראה אבו רחמא מתה מסרטן הריאות או סרטן הדם. עוד קובע התחקיר, כי הפלסטינית אושפזה במשך עשרה ימים בבית החולים ברמאללה לפני שמתה ושמדובר בפרשה חדשה שנועדה ליצור דה לגיטימציה לישראל. (אור הלר

Pallywood blood libel.


The INN story in English.

IDF Spokesperson report.


This morning's Haaretz:

Following repeated requests, the Palestinian Authority on Monday gave the medical report on Jawaher Abu Rahma's death to Israel's defense establishment. According to military sources, it was difficult to reach clear conclusions from the medical report, as it was mostly written in retrospect after Abu Rahma's death.

Additionally, the sources said, the report contains various medical tests, including a blood test, that were conducted at times when Abu Rahma was supposedly not in the hospital.

Military sources also said that the report did not include Abu Rahma's medical history prior to Friday's incident. According to information received by security officials, Abu Rahma had undergone tests and treatments in recent months apparently connected to a serious disease she suffered from.

Military sources said that there is no evidence that Abu Rahma even participated in Friday's demonstration against the security barrier in Bil'in nor evidence that she died from inhaling tear gas.



YMedad said...

We have a long history of Palestinian blood libels, but the other guilty party is the press that fails to check the claims before posting their headlines. “Liars and their Enablers” would be the apt title for an analysis.

Itamar Marcus did an important compilation ten years ago:

Lies and Libel of Israel in the Palestinian Authority
by Itamar Marcus
Besides Muhammed Dora, you have Suha Arafat claiming (in front of Hillary Clinton) that Israel was using poison gas and Yasir Arafat’s charges that Israel used depleted uranium in Gaza and Lebanon.

Two examples:

Hillary Clinton criticises Mrs Arafat Israel did not use depleted uranium during conflict with Hizbollah, UN agency finds

Anonymous said...

Israel killed her. For you. YESHA. Another sacrifice.

How long more will you get in "Shiloh" before Israel abandons you?

YMedad said...

Wanna bet Israel didn't?

In any case, actually it's her sacrifice for "Palestine". That is a losing deal.

Anonymous said...

YESHA is going to be destroyed. Israel will have a choice. YESHA or the Jewish state. only one possible answer. There aren't enough Jews to make YESHa viable. Where is aliyah this year? How many hundreds of thousands? Why don't more New York Jews move? any idea?

Anonymous said...

The IDF report is anonymous. There is video evidence that the deceased was at the protest and it's on youtube. You settlers and the IDF have a history of lying and slandering the dead.

Israel is going to have its Steve Biko moment and that will be that for YESHA. Maybe this is it.

Democracies don't murder peaceful protestors. Erez Israel isn't a democracy.

YMedad said...

Can I come to your house, throw stones and be labeled peaceful?

Unknown said...

Newsflash Wed Jan 05 :

It has now been determined by our sources that Abu Rahman was not murdered, and in fact not dead at all, but is actually alive and well, hunkered down in anonymity in a small south Florida community along with Elvis, James Dean and Nosferatu.
We will keep you updated if story changes.

- IDF spokesperson

Anonymous said...

If you watch the video of the demo here are some observations:

1)No Palestinian women are participating in the demonstration

2)The wind is pretty strong and as a result there are no clouds of gas.

3) None of the protesters seems to have any problem because of the tear gas.