Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If This Had Been In Shiloh Israel, It Would Have Been An International Incident

The "this" is what was reported in Montana:

Council approves zone changes

The Billings City Council needed less than two hours Monday night to approve zone changes for a planned development on the West End and property...along Shiloh Road near King Avenue West.

St. Vincent Healthcare owns the property and has subdivided it into 30 lots...but St. Vincent representatives have said there are no definite plans for the land yet.

Engineer Rick Leuthold told council members that the plan is flexible, with “no specific idea” what the development will look like in the future.

..But, with upgrades to Shiloh Road, the company chose to make some changes to the layout and eliminated plans for residential development. The council voted to zone the entire property as entryway light industrial.

The council also unanimously voted to annex a small piece of land at the corner of King Avenue East and Calhoun Lane...The land has a home on it but will probably be developed into commercial property someday.

If any of those words would have appeared in Haaretz, have you any idea what an incident, diplomatic and media-wise, would be happening?


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